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Comet Hale-Bopp


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At Fremont Peak in 2000 with the 16 inch telescope built for Chaffey's Astronomy class



Chaffey High School is unusual in that it offers a course in Astronomy meeting the University of California's A-G entrance requirements for a science elective. Astronomy I is a two semester course that introduces students to the universe, its motions and the laws that govern it.  We engage in many hands on activities in the classroom and outside the classroom.  Since Ontario suffers from severe light pollution, we spend many evenings viewing the sky from the Mt. Baldy area using several telescopes ranging in size from a 6-inch Newtonian reflector to Mr. James' 16-inch Dobsonian (shown at right). The course pre-requisite is a B or better in Algebra I, a B or better in Earth Science, and instructor approval. Click here for the course syllabus.





Current information regarding what's up in the sky and what's happening in class (Updated 27 May 2015).


Images taken by our students using TIE telescopes (Updated 20 June 2006).


Links to astronomical resources (Updated 6 February 2013).



Instructor is Tom James.  E-mail your comments:

If you are interested, here is a short bio about Mr. James.


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