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Sierpinski's Tetrahedron


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The London Eye:  Thirty-two 4 meter diameter passenger capsules are attached to the outside of a wheel whose diameter is 120 meters. The period of rotation is 30 minutes. You board at the bottom of the moving wheel 7 meters above the ground.  Your height h in meters as a function of t the number of minutes since getting on the London Eye is given by


My Expectations:


          Of me, your teacher


          Of you, my student

  1. To treat you with respect at all times.

  2. To provide you with an orderly environment.

  3. To provide necessary discipline. 

  4. To provide competent instruction and  motivation.

  5. To provide the required content.


  1. To treat me and your colleagues with respect at all times.

  2. To attend class and participate in an orderly manner.

  3. To always cooperate and never disrupt.

  4. To study and do all of your work.

  5. To learn and master the required content.




Our class will be its best if we each do our part!

  • Strive to attend school every day.

  • Be a part of the conversation: ASK questions.  Attendance and participation are different things.

  • READ your text.  It would be pretty silly for me to simply repeat the text's material in class.  So I expect you to read so we can do other activities in class.

  • Commit to complete all activities and assignments and turn them in on time.

  • Get help early (don't wait until it's too late!).



Unit Synopsis:  Unit 8 is about discrete mathematics.  We will review and develop the ideas around sequences and series with some emphasis on the geometric series and its properties.  One of the most important topics of this unit with respect to calculus is the binomial theorem and some of its consequences.


This Week in Pre-Calculus:  Schedule Key:  Gray is for past weeks. Aqua is for current and future weeks.


Schedule Key:  Gray is for past weeks. Aqua is for current and future weeks.




Monday, Mar. 7

  • Sequences

  • Factorial notation

  • 8-1:  Pages 563-564, #1-16 (5n), 21-30 (3n), 39-66 (3n)

Tuesday, Mar. 8

  • Test 6

Wednesday, Mar. 9

  • Summation notation

  • Graphing calculator operations

  • 8-2:  Pages 564-565, #67-74, 75-108 (3n)


Thursday, Mar. 10

  • 8-3: Pages 573-574, 1-34 (3n), 54-78 (3n)


Last day of the Third Quarter

Friday, Mar. 11

Monday, p Day

  • 8-4: Pages 582-583, #1-31 (3n), 45-54 (3n),  60-72 (3n)

Tuesday, Mar. 15

  • Applications of geometric series

  • 8-5: Pages 583-585, #73-80, 87, 88, 95-98

Wednesday, Mar. 16

  • 8-6: Page 592, #1-13 (3n), 19-22, 29, 30

Thursday, Mar. 17

  • Quiz

Friday, Mar. 18

  • Computer practice and orientation to Smarter Balance test (coming in April)


Monday, Mar. 21 through Monday, Mar. 28

Spring Break

Next quiz is on Thursday, March 31.

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Parents: Yes, there is homework every day, due the next day.  See the important information above.


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Contact me by e-mail or call me at (909) 988-5560 ext. 2434 if you have any concerns regarding your child's progress in Pre-Calculus, my teaching, or the course content.  I will respond within 24 hours.


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